JUSTICE (Jesuit University Students Together In Concerned Empowerment) is a Marquette University Student Organization dedicated to education and action surrounding social justice issues. We have led campaigns focusing on fair trade, gender equality, Sudan divestment, worker's rights, and other issues. Each year we hold a Social Justice Teach-In to promote awareness on campus, and send a group to Fort Benning, GA, for the annual School of the Americas Protest and Vigil.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Travel/Action Opportunities

Here are some opportunities you may be interested in pursuing...

The Urban Initiative
The Urban Initiative is a Marquette student group dedicated to establishing a grassroots street newspaper (The Milwaukee Street Beacon). The paper will focus on urban issues, and will encompass a variety of social justice issues (hunger and homelessness, etc.). The next group meeting is September 20 @ 5PM in Johnston Hall 313. The group has opportunities for both writers and non-writers. For more info, contact Matt Ryno at

A million voices around the world lifted up for PEACE!
A program involving singing, drumming and praying as part of the world-wide "Million Voice Choir." September 21 @ 6PM at the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center--2133 W. Wisconsin Ave. Check out to learn more.

A presentation by Dale S. Recinella, J.D., Florida Lawyer and Catholic Lay Chaplain for Florida Death Row & Solitary Confinement. Recinella is the author of The Biblical Truth About America's Death Penalty. There will be two presentations:
Oct. 7 @ 2PM @ Saints Peter & Paul Church--2490 N. Cramer St.
Oct. 8 @ 2PM @ St. Mary's Visitation Church--1260 Church St., Elm Grove

Call to Action Conference
Call to Action is a leading organization for renewal and reform within the Catholic Church. The conference will be held in the Midwest Airlines Center, Nov. 3-5. Free tickets are available to Marquette students, but you must commit to attending. If you would like to commit to attending the conference, you can sign up with me (Peter) or Gerry in University Ministry.

Point 7 Now Conference
A conference on poverty in San Francisco, Oct. 27-28.
If you are interested in attending, talk with Gerry in University Ministry.


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