JUSTICE (Jesuit University Students Together In Concerned Empowerment) is a Marquette University Student Organization dedicated to education and action surrounding social justice issues. We have led campaigns focusing on fair trade, gender equality, Sudan divestment, worker's rights, and other issues. Each year we hold a Social Justice Teach-In to promote awareness on campus, and send a group to Fort Benning, GA, for the annual School of the Americas Protest and Vigil.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Catholic Voting Project

As I'm sure most of you know, there is an election coming up in a week. If you are interested, there is a great resource available at which walks though things to think about when deciding how to vote. Check it out if you are intersted.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Career Opportunity

Here's some info on a neat job opportunity for people who will be graduating soon:


Do you want to take your conscience to work with you after graduation? Do you see a problem with what's happening to our environment, to our education system, and to our democracy? Do you want to do something about it?
So do we.

My name is Matt Wallace, and I work with the State Public Interest Research Groups (the PIRGs). When I graduated, I knew I wanted to work on some of society’s biggest problems, and the PIRGs gave me that chance. I work as a campaign coordinator for environmental issues for WISPIRG, working on campaigns that have ranged from protecting our national forests to lobbying the state to keep dangerous mercury pollution out of our waterways.

The state Public Interest Research Groups (the state PIRGs) are a nation-wide network of state-based public interest advocacy groups with offices all over the country. This year we're hiring more than 100 graduating college students to work on some of the biggest problems facing our country: to solve our energy problems, to protect our national forests, to reform the campaign finance system, to clean up our air, to make healthcare more affordable, and make an impact on many other public interest issues. We have positions available around the country.

Interested in being part of an organization that wins campaigns for the public good?
Check our website for more information, at If you’re interested in applying, send your resume to me at, or send me an e-mail so we can get in touch with you. We will be holding on-campus interviews on Monday, November 13th.

Please call or e-mail with any questions! Looking forward to hearing from you.

For more information about jobs with the State PIRGs, visit

Matthew Wallace
Environmental Associate
(608) 256-9144
210 N Bassett St Ste 200
Madison, WI 53703

Monday, October 23, 2006

Marriage in Wisconsin

"Marriage. Shall section 13 of article XIII of the constitution be created to provide that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state and that a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state?"

A Dialogue on Defining Marriage in Wisconsin
Monday, October 30th
5:30pm, AMU 227

Crosswalks is a forum where people of faith practice respectful dialogue on various issues of spiritual and public importance. This semester Crosswalks will be facilitating a dialogue on the issue the Wisconsin's Marriage Amendment, which will appear on the November 7th ballot.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sudan/Darfur Conference Nov. 11-12 @ Northwestern Uni

The conference is about Sudan and Darfur at Northwestern University. I will be going and will provide a ride. The cost is $20. It is the weekend of Nov. 11-12. Registration Closes this weekend (Sunday) so please let me know ASAP if you want to go to the conference. More details available at
- neal

Human Trafficking and Predation Seminar

Call for Applications:
Human Trafficking and Predation Seminar
Students wishing to make a difference in the world are invited to apply to the Human Trafficking and Predation Seminar taking place at Northwestern University on October 27th from 12 to 6 p.m. The seminar will bring together top experts, community leaders, and young leaders to examine current issues in international trafficking and effective strategies to combat trafficking. The summit will feature a series of panels, discussions, and workshops, giving participants a unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a diverse group of leaders.

Confirmed speakers for the summit include:

• Christina Arnold, Executive Director, Project Hope International
• Joe Delia, Detective Sergeant, Law Enforcement Instructors Alliance
• Dr. Lois Lee, Founder and President, Children of the Night
• Mary Meg McCarthy, Executive Director, National Immigrant Justice Center,
• Sarah Schriber, Attorney, American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois
• Art Winter, Chicago-Area Attorney and Conference Organizer

Click here to view the schedule of the summit. You can also click here to see the brochure on the conference sent to distinguished guests (although please note that students must apply to the summit and cannot attend the dinner reception).

The seminar is co-sponsored the by the Chicago Global Donors Network and Americans for Informed Democracy.


or leave a comment/email me and I will get you regsitered.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fair Trade Store Now Open / Music and Social Justice

A Fair Trade store is now open and operating in Milwaukee--the store is called Four Corners of the World and is located at 51st and North Ave. If any JUSTICE members are interested in volunteering time to work at the store, this will probably be a possibility in the near future.

Also, on Saturday, Nov. 11 there will be a conference titled "Music and Social Justice Ministers: Partners in the Reign of God." The event will be held at Holy Rosary Church (2011 N. Oakland) and will run from 9 AM-noon. The conference is a workshop about music and how it can relate to social justice and Catholic Social Teaching. University Ministry is willing to cover the cost of the conference.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Capoeira Fundraiser

The capoeira group that did the demo for us is having a fundraising event next Saturday. The event is called "Viva Brasil: A Night of Art and Culture to benefit Milwaukee's Youth". There will be drinks, hors d'oeuvres, cultural activities, gallery featuring local artists and capoeira show. It is only $5 for students. It will be from 6-10 Saturday October 14th at 3928 W. St. Paul Ave. It is easy to get to. Take the 1o bus to 38th and Wisconsin and it is a couple of blocks south and one block west. I am definately going so if anyone would like to join me, email me at

Monday, October 02, 2006

Upcoming Speaker

Bo and Sita Lozoff

PUBLIC TALK: October 7th. 7 - 9:00 p.m. Wauwatosa United Methodist Church, 1529 N. Wauwatosa Ave (76th St.), Milwaukee, WI. Info/directions 414-453-4407.

The Lozoffs have been cited for numerous humanitarian awards, including the prestigious Temple Award for Creative Altruism from the Institute for Noetic Sciences. Their sincerity and commitment have earned the respect of hundreds of thousands of prisoners and others around the world who feel inspired to follow a similar path of living simply and joyfully caring about others.

In 1999, Bo received an honorary doctorate degree -- a Doctor of Laws -- from one of the oldest and most respected divinity schools in the nation, the Chicago Theological Seminary.
The Human Kindness Foundation, founded by Bo and Sita Lozoff, is a non-profit organization which stresses a way of life based upon three common principles taught by the great sages of all religions: Simple living, a dedication to service, and a commitment to personal spiritual practice.

Besides its internationally respected Prison-Ashram Project, begun in 1973, the Foundation sponsors and schedules Bo Lozoff's talks, workshops and concerts. Bo has led events in hundreds of prisons, hospitals, churches, universities and spiritual centers around the globe. He is also an award-winning singer/songwriter whose performances and CDs, along with his books, tapes and videos, provide a significant amount of our funding.

Bo teaches a balance between "Communion," which is an entirely inward, transcendent experience, and "Community," which includes everything else -- our behavior toward others, our worldly goals, our treatment of the planet and its resources, etc. His writings and talks, therefore, center both on personal spiritual practice, and committed social activism. The Prison-Ashram Project encourages prisoners to take responsibility for changing their prisons, their communities, and the world.

For more information visit his website,